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Lies and Lying Liars

When is the last time that you got something for free that was of any value? "Nothing worth having comes easy" is the saying. And nothing of value is free, is my mantra. Take for example showrooms and home centers, who advertise "free design service". In this example, you'll be dealing with salespeople. These folks [...]

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Lynn M Masiello Earns Certified Aging-in-Place Specialist Educational Designation

Verona, NJ, December 6, 2013 - Lynn M Masiello, of LM Designs, is now one of the select group of professionals nationwide to earn the Certified Aging-in-Place Specialist (CAPS) designation, identifying her as design professional who now has the skills and knowledge necessary to remodel or modify a home to meet the unique needs of [...]

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Master Bath Goes Techno: An Interview with LM Designs

                      Master Bath Goes Techno:  An Interview with LM Designs LM Designs is featured in this month's Kitchen & Bath Design News  in an article entitled, "The Master Bath Goes Techno". This in-depth interview with Lynn M Masiello - lead designer and project manager for [...]

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Roasted Chestnuts (Caldarroste)

     "A Handful of Flour:  An Italian-American Legacy of Food and Love" By LM Masiello   Recipe:  Roasted Chestnuts Caldarroste        Verona, NJ - on what was then a dirt road in the "country". This is where my grandfather built his family's second home. He planted saplings from a local nursery around the property; [...]

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Q:  The 3-handled valve in my tub and shower is broken, ugly and doesn't maintain a safe temperature.  I want to replace it with a single control, pressure-balanced valve.  Is there a way to do this without completely gutting the wall and replacing all of the tile?  Lynn Answers: To replace a three-handled shower valve, [...]

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Fall In Love With Your Kitchen: A “How To” Guide

If you've grown tired of your old kitchen, consider staying put and making some changes, before you pack it in.  Treat your faithful, old kitchen to a little "facelift" and watch it come back to life!   Cabinets Typically the most expensive part of a kitchen renovation, your existing cabinets don't have to go if [...]

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Going Green will Save Your Green

From the lights in your kitchen to the shower head in your bathroom, LM Designs is always looking for ways to help our clients save money and invest their renovation dollars wisely. For example, did you know that the cost of utilities often exceeds the cost of real estate taxes or homeowners insurance? Up to [...]

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Is It Worth It? Part II

Last year, I shared national data pertaining to the monetary value homeowners can expect to recoup from a home renovation, if they plan to sell. I repeat - if they plan to sell. Since writing that post, I have seen a few homeowners, who had once happily dreamed about updating a bathroom or kitchen, have [...]

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Keeping Your Cool

As outdoor temperatures rise, water use rises too and as a result, so do utility bills. But there are easy solutions that homeowners can implement now for water conservation. The best news is that with the help of an adjustable wrench and some pipe-joint tape, you can do-it-yourself! Trivia Fact: The Energy Policy Act (EPAct) [...]

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Social Media for Business Part II

Last month, I had the pleasure of speaking with my colleague, Peter J Lamont on the benefits of Social Media.  Today, we continued our discussion on Peter's informative show, Minding Your Business. Since my original interview aired, Peter's office received a number of questions and comments for me.  So we thought it would be a [...]

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Rollin’ Around The Kitchen

Q: I have very little counter space in my kitchen and wonder if a "roll-about" work area might be a way to add more prep space. Lynn Answers Before you spend money on a "roll about" work surface, determine if the addition of this item will crowd the kitchen, which I assume is on the [...]

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Runaway Budget

Unlike Julia Roberts' character in Runaway Bride, a Runaway Budget is harder to make peace with, once your money is gone and certainly, it is less romantic. When I am contacted by a new client, I have a standard list of questions that I ask, in order to get things started. The most critical question [...]

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Would You Hire Your Dentist to Perform Brain Surgery?

Q:  Can't my contractor do everything for less money? Most of them say that they can, so what's the truth?   Lynn Answers: Many of the designers I know would be upset with your question, but I view it as an opportunity to educate you instead. Let me start off by saying that I value [...]

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Shower with a Friend

A question from DT in New York, NY: I've been told that I am required to use a thermostatic or a pressure-balanced shower valve in my bathroom renovation.  Why is this "required" and what's the difference between the two?   Lynn Answers: If you've ever been blasted by hot water in the shower, after someone [...]

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Social Media for Business

  Recently, I spoke with Peter J Lamont, my colleague in the National Kitchen and Bath Association. The name of his show is "Minding Your Business" and it aired on Blogtalk Radio. We discussed the use of social media in business and focused on the following issues: (1) How to succesfully utilize social media in [...]

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Color Your World

Question:  I am hoping to sell my home in the spring. Can you recommend some inexpensive ideas that I can use now, to freshen up the interior?   We all fall in love with the world again in spring, so breathe fresh air into your home's interior now with color.  New paint colors are the [...]

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Aging in Place

A client recently told me, "I want to live in my home from now until forever". This desire refers to what has commonly become known as Aging in Place.   Did you know that LM Designs can help you enhance the safety, access, visibility, mobility and over-all comfort within your home, whether it’s for now [...]

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Is It Worth It Vs. What It’s Worth

According to a 2011 - 2012  Remodeling Cost vs. Value Report, homeowners in the mid-Atlantic region of the U.S. can expect to recoup over 60 percent of their investment in a major kitchen or bathroom remodel with the average cost ranging from $55,000.00 to $60,000.00. A recent poll of homeowners who had successfully embarked upon [...]

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Tile of a Different Color

One of our blog subscribers asks: My 1950's bathroom has pink and black tile.   The tile is thick, sturdy and in good condition, but I would like the room to be more up-to-date. Can I paint the tile or should I have it replaced?   Lynn answers: Hey, I remember that color scheme! Let's break [...]

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Door Versus Curtain

One of our readers asks: I have a tub and shower combination and I can't decide between using a shower curtain or a sliding glass door.  What are my options?   Lynn answers: If the tub is frequently used for bathing, consider using a shower curtain. Shower curtains can be pulled aside to prevent the [...]

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The Designer Cooks

Stay tuned for more of The Designer Cooks on my blog, where I'll share my recipes. Upcoming articles will include excerpts from my cookbook A Handful of Flour, in which I share my Italian-American family's home recipes. ********** Recently, I brought 5 lbs. of fresh, delicious cranberries home from Cape Cod. I love this recipe [...]

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Myth vs. Fact: I Can Do It Myself For Less

If you didn't know how to swim, would you dive head-first into a swimming pool, without first knowing the depth of the water? Many homeowners underestimate the amount of time a project requires, as well as how much it will ultimately cost.  They also overestimate their knowledge or put their trust in salespeople or unlicensed [...]

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Rebuilding Your Dreams

Dear friends, As the owner of LM Designs, an interior design firm with a focus on kitchen and bath  renovation, I understand the impact that Hurricane Sandy has had on everyone's life.   For a limited time,   I am offering a free in-home consultation - typically valued at $200.00 - to discuss the ways [...]

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Clueless About Costs?

Question from LS in Ewing, NJ: I feel clueless about costs and what needs to be done when it comes to re-designing the rooms in my home.  What do I need to consider before getting in touch with a professional designer about re-doing my bathroom?   Lynn Answers: Consider how long you plan to live [...]

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Keep Your Home Warm & Cozy, Designer Style

Q:   I dread feeling chilly when I get out of the shower. I’m considering heated towel racks, but do they really work? A:   Yes, they do work! Electric towel warmers are available in free-standing or wall-mounted models and can be plugged into an existing wall outlet or hard-wired and connected to a wall switch. Not [...]

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