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Question:  I am hoping to sell my home in the spring.
Can you recommend some inexpensive ideas that I can use now, to freshen up the interior?


We all fall in love with the world again in spring, so breathe fresh air into your home’s interior now with color.  New paint colors are the most cost-effective way to give your home a new look while increasing buyer appeal.
Before you paint, patch holes and imperfections, protect floors and remove electrical plates and hardware.
Lift low ceilings by applying a lighter hue in the same color family as the walls.  Conversely, large rooms with high ceilings will feel more intimate if ceilings are painted in a darker shade.
For detailed moldings, use a contrasting tone in a glossy finish to make them “pop” and if your trim is basic, make it special by using the same tint as the walls, but in a reflective finish.


A plethora of information exists on the subject of color psychology, so if you don’t know where to start, start with what you know.
Find an article of clothing in a color that makes you feel fabulous and work from there in choosing a paint color for the entertaining or dining space.
Neutral is not better, it’s boring – so don’t be afraid of color!
Bathrooms with white fixtures and kitchens with stainless steel appliances will benefit from a backdrop of bold color, but be careful not to use ones that are too cold; if you like greens and blues, choose ones that have warm undertones like yellow and red.  And of course, coordinate paint colors with permanent items such as cabinets and carpeting.


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