Fall In Love With Your Kitchen: A “How To” Guide

If you’ve grown tired of your old kitchen, consider staying put and making some changes, before you pack it in.  Treat your faithful, old kitchen to a little “facelift” and watch it come back to life!



Typically the most expensive part of a kitchen renovation, your existing cabinets don’t have to go if they are constructed of sturdy stuff.  A quick fix is new hardware, which can freshen up the look of old cabinets.  To replace existing hardware with something new that will fit properly, measure the thickness of doors and drawers and the center to center distance of screw holes.   If the finish on your cabinets is worn, have them refinished or consider painting them.


Laminate Countertops

Most can easily be replaced with natural stone or engineered quartz.  Same day “rip out and install” service will enable you to continue using your kitchen until the new tops arrive. 



When replacing countertops, take the backsplash into account too.  Consider using the same material as your new countertop or, choose tile in a wonderful new color, shape or size. 



This is another option, but replacing appliances can get complicated without professional help.  Some hints here are to measure your existing appliances carefully, so that new ones will fit in their place.  Take note of whether the range and oven are gas or electric, bearing in mind that replacing a gas appliance with an electric one may require an upgrade to your electrical panel.  If your current range hood is not externally vented, investing  in this feature is worthwhile.  Avoid the microwave / hood combination and opt instead for a good quality hood that provides strong ventilation and is quiet, running at its highest setting.



If you don’t currently have lighting under your wall cabinets, consider installing it before the backsplash goes in.  Low-profile strip lighting is available with lamps ranging from eco-friendly fluorescent and LED to super-bright xenon and halogen.  If you have a surface-mounted ceiling fixture, swap it out for something unexpected like a chandelier or a modern piece that provides clean, bright light.



A new coat of paint is like the icing on a cake, so don’t forget this detail. Choose a color that ties all the unique elements of the room together and be sure to use a finish that can easily be wiped clean. 


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