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Q:   I dread feeling chilly when I get out of the shower. I’m considering heated towel racks, but do they really work?

A:   Yes, they do work! Electric towel warmers are available in free-standing or wall-mounted models and can be plugged into an existing wall outlet or hard-wired and connected to a wall switch. Not only will your towels will be toasty warm in chilly weather, but the heat will also keep them dry and mildew-free during warmer months, when humidity is high.

Q:  The tiled floors in our kitchen and bathrooms feel cold even with when the home is well heated. Short of carpeting our kitchen, is there anything we can do?

A:   Consider installing electric, radiant heat. You’d have to replace your existing floors, but the installation itself is easy. Radiant heat mats are similar to electric blankets; they are placed directly over the thinset before the tiles are installed. The mats come in standard and custom sizes to fit your room’s size and shape. A wall thermostat allows you to control the temperature.

Q:  I have a double-hung window in my shower. It’s drafty and impossible to keep the sill dry. What do you suggest?

A:   Glass block is a great solution for you. It is thermally insulated and energy efficient.
You can choose prefabricated units that are quite similar to vinyl replacement windows, making installation a snap.


Article originally featured in North Jersey Woman magazine, page 49

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