Lies and Lying Liars

When is the last time that you got something for free that was of any value?
“Nothing worth having comes easy” is the saying.
And nothing of value is free, is my mantra.

Take for example showrooms and home centers, who advertise “free design service”.
In this example, you’ll be dealing with salespeople.
These folks use a computer program that is designed to insert cabinets into a floor plan, while creating an inventory of products for you to buy.
This is not “design” my friends … this is sales.
And the bottom line is that it also is not “free”.
Commission and profit are built into the price you pay.
They have their own installers you say?
If you’re fortunate, you’ll be introduced to a contractor who will do a good job.
But the flipside is that most labor that is advertised as being included is actually outsourced.
You will not know who they are, whether they are trustworthy or if the quality of their work is good, mediocre or downright bad.
But that’s the chance you take, when you buy into the lie of “free design”.

You aren’t a “do it yourselfer” aka DIYer or DIY.
Nor do you want a cookie-cutter version of your neighbor’s home.
Renovation is an important investment and it should be personal.
You wouldn’t bring your body to an unlicensed doctor, just to get a freebie, would you?
Doesn’t your home deserve the same respect?
Just like an injury your body, an injury to your home is going to affect your life and your health.

The bottom line?
My work is not free.
However, I do work hard to make excellent design affordable and my business practices are transparent and fair.
Make no mistake about it – anything that is given away for “free”
has already diminished in value.
Besides, if you actually believe that interior design can be given away for free, I have some great swamp land in Florida that might interest you too.


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