A Wink & A Nod • New York, NY

A Wink & A Nod • New York, NY 2019-03-28T09:38:51-04:00

Project Description

Every detail serves a special purpose in lighting up this tiny, jewel-box of a powder room.
Before, the room was a dark and static box.
Now, movement  flows around the perimeter of the space.
Drama is achieved via 3/8″ thick, rectangular tile.
Dimension and texture are introduced, making the lower half of the room slightly deeper where tile has been applied.
A stainless steel cap finishes off the tile run with a clean, modern line.
The wall-mounted vanity opens up floor space while providing plenty of compact storage.
A quartz top imparts warmth and beauty, yet is more consistent in color and requires less maintenance than natural stone – the polished steel sink winks from beneath as a jewel-like touch.
The iconic Vola faucet was salvaged from the original bathroom.
Cleaned and refurbished, it tops off this special room with a wink at the present and a nod to its modernist past.