City Slicker • New York, NY

City Slicker • New York, NY 2019-03-28T11:35:58-04:00

Project Description

The high-rise was once the tallest in the Murray Hill section of Manhattan, when it was built in 1974. Now a co-op located near Grand Central Terminal, the client’s apartment was nicely renovated, but the bathrooms were out of date.

A wise investor, the client wanted to renovate for a stay of approximately five to ten years and to increase the value of her home by bringing it up-to-date, making it more aesthetically pleasing and adding more storage.

The original cast-iron tub was in keeping the client’s taste and in excellent condition, so it was kept in place, simplifying the renovation. The new, spa-like shower is luxurious and the soothing, serene atmosphere is achieved with rich earth tones and clean, simple lines.

Ventilation could only be achieved via the window, but the challenge was the poor quality of heat in the room during colder months. The solution was an electric, radiant-heated floor. With heat literally under foot, the window can now be opened without compromising the temperature of the room.

The window also lets in plenty of natural light during the day, but light quality still needed improvement. Bright fluorescent fixtures in a warm color temperature now flank the recessed medicine cabinet.

A creative storage solution was achieved by borrowing space from a mechanical chase situated between the bedroom and bathroom. This allowed for a tall cabinet to be recessed deeply into the wall opposite the wall-mounted vanity. The vanity holds more storage in a deep drawer beneath the sink.

Up to date and full of secrets, this sophisticated new bathroom is a City Slicker indeed!