Double Feature: Master Bath • Wayne, NJ

Double Feature: Master Bath • Wayne, NJ 2019-03-28T09:25:13-04:00

Project Description

Side-by-side bathrooms in this 1959 home were outdated and out of shape. My clients were so frustrated that they began gutting the master bath before we met!  Clean, tailored lines were desired with a luxurious stall shower as the focal point.
By providing as much space-efficient storage as possible and enlarging the footprint, I set out to make the most of this tiny room.

Borrowing space from the Hall Bath made the room wider. Monochromatic , large-scale tile makes the space feel uncluttered and the deep, recessed medicine cabinet has plenty of storage for small items.  A second interior mirror sits within the footprint of the main cabinet and swings out for a tri-view feature.  The overhead light frees up precious wall space while providing plenty of high-quality task lighting and recessed light fixtures overhead bathe the room in bright, ambient light.

The floating vanity adds to greater visual space and a storage drawer holds tall items.   A large sink sits cleanly beneath cultured quartz and the single control faucet is efficient and tidy.  I was able to provide more storage options without adding bulk to the room by carving recessed niches out from between the partition studs.  Above the sink, a wide niche holds shaving essentials (for him) while tall niches in the shower hold bathing products, as well as a foot rest for shaving (for her).  The shower also contains a powerful showerhead, hand shower, thermostatic control and a tiled ceiling, adding further to the tailored aesthetic.  A frameless enclosure of ½” thick, tempered glass tops it off.

Clean style and efficient storage make a big statement in what was once a small, outdated bathroom.
But we’re not done yet – let’s go next door to the Hall Bath and double the fun!



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