Nip/Tuck: Hall Bath • South Orange, NJ

Nip/Tuck: Hall Bath • South Orange, NJ 2019-03-28T09:24:32-04:00

Project Description


Improve the look and feel of the space with updated fixtures that are of a higher quality.
Add value to the home and increase safety by bringing electrical and plumbing up to code.
Make the room more functional.


Under $15,000.00


Four weeks start to finish (in conjunction with the Master Bath at the same location)


Wallpaper: Replace with low VOC paint in a pretty, fresh color

Vanity Area:

  • replace with a higher-quality item that has better storage capacity
  • install custom top with extension over toilet to extend counter space
  • replace sink with a larger, undermounted style
  • replace faucet with a more stylish model


  • replace shower valves with pressure balanced valve and adjustable-height handshower
    (which doubles as a showerhead for the children as they grow)
  • replace tub drain so that it functions better and looks clean and new
  • replace sagging curtain rod with new, ceiling-support model in chrome-plated brass
  • replace original glass block (cracked & drafty) with thermally insulated glass block

Toilet:  replace with a modern, space-efficient, water-saving model in a period style
Light Fixtures:  Replace with updated, stylish fixtures that provide high-levels of light



Project Details