Secret Spa • Hoboken, NJ

Secret Spa • Hoboken, NJ 2019-03-28T12:08:32-04:00

Project Description

“We hate this bathroom – nothing works – the shower is so small!” My clients lamented. What they dreamed of having was a bathroom that had a spa-like feeling, a modern aesthetic, and most importantly, a large shower. “For two!” they said, laughingly.

Keeping the fixtures in their original locations helped to keep project costs down and relocating the entrance to the bath (from the hallway to the master bedroom) gives the room a feeling of privacy and seclusion. Handsome porcelain tile from Italy has the look of slate and offers the luxury of natural stone without the burden of high maintenance. The large shower enclosure is the focal point of the room and contains a fold-up seat made of teak, hand-held shower, thermostatic valve and a ceiling-mounted “rain dome” shower head.

A custom vanity floats above the floor, creating lightness within the small space while still offering point-of-use storage within a sleek drawer. The recessed medicine cabinet above has a matching frame. Additional storage is provided via strategically placed niches throughout the room,a hotel-style shelf above the toilet holds extra towels and the old entrance to the bathroom is now a two-way closet; accessible from either the bathroom or the hallway, this new storage closet provides my clients with flexible storage for large items, as well as toiletry and towel storage from the bathroom side.

Now an object of desire – rather than loathing – my clients’ new Master Bath truly is their very own Secret Spa!