Rollin’ Around The Kitchen

Q: I have very little counter space in my kitchen and wonder if a “roll-about” work area might be a way to add more prep space.

Lynn Answers
Before you spend money on a “roll about” work surface, determine if the addition of this item will crowd the kitchen, which I assume is on the small side.
If you have “very little counter space”, then you should eliminate clutter, which eats up precious work space.
Kitchen cabinets are typically under-utilized, so evaluate whether you are using your existing storage efficiently and if not, take some time to clean out and re-organize. Simplify.
Donate anything you no longer use to make way for everyday items.
Then, store things that are cluttering your countertops in a point-of-use fashion.
In other words, keep things that are used together … together; coffee mugs near the coffee maker, dish soap under the sink, bags of snacks in the pantry, cookbooks on a shelf or in a small bookcase near the prep area … get the picture?

If you are unable to clean off enough countertop to use as a prep area, evaluate the clearance required for a safe, comfortable work space addition.
The width of a work aisle should be about 42″ (plus or minus) for one cook and at least 48″ for multiple cooks.
Locate it in a low-traffic zone or, buy one that can be rolled away or folded up, (such as a drop-leaf or gate-leg style) when not in use.
Last but not least, be sure to get the most bang for your buck by investing in a portable work area that has multiple uses such as shelves and/or drawers below.

Roll Away Cart  Gate Leg Table

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