Would You Hire Your Dentist to Perform Brain Surgery?

Q:  Can’t my contractor do everything for less money?
Most of them say that they can, so what’s the truth?

Lynn Answers:
Many of the designers I know would be upset with your question, but I view it as an opportunity to educate you instead.

Let me start off by saying that I value the talents of general contractors and I work very closely with them on each of my projects, in order to provide my clients with the best possible result.  But while many GCs offer high-quality installations, they don’t have the time to guide you through the painstaking process of choosing fixtures and tile or creating a budget and space plan for your project.  It isn’t cost effective for them and that’s a fact.

Only a trained designer can offer you the best guidance within the renovation process, while also applying a trained eye and attention to detail – traits which are the byproducts of our experience and education.  So although I understand how to solder pipes inside your bathroom walls,  I’m not about to lug an acetylene torch over to your home,  in place of my laptop, and attempt to function as both your plumber and your designer.  As the title of this blog post says, Would You Hire Your Dentist to Perform Brain Surgery?
And why would you hire a contractor to design your kitchen or bathroom?

So to answer your original question with a simple answer?
A contractor cannot do what I do for less money.
As Lily Tomlin used to say on Laugh In, “And that’s the truth”.

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